Guest Blogging at The Horror Tree

Angeline has been busy blogging over at The Horror Tree website, as part of her regular Story Worms column. Blogging about the podcast, she talks about the ups and downs of collaborating with another author. Check out the whole post here:


Episode 1.2: Camp NaNoWriMo Survival Tips

Today we talked about how to survive Camp NaNoWriMo. Despite Camp being half way through as this episode airs, we hope this will be useful to anyone participating this time, or during the next Camp event in July. For those who aren't aware, Camp NaNoWriMo is the little cousin of National Novel Writing Month, in [...]

Getting to Know You: Angeline Trevena

I am Angeline Trevena, a British indie author, writing dystopian urban fantasies, because one genre just isn’t enough for me. I write dystopias because, despite being so sweet and lovely in person, I am a deeply evil author who enjoys making characters suffer. And I write urban fantasy because I really enjoy mixing futuristic technology [...]

Episode 1.1: Relaunch Party

Today, we relaunched The Great Western Woods Worldbuilding podcast into a brand new era; now with two hosts, dystopian urban fantasy author Angeline Trevena and dark fantasy author H.B. Lyne. Introducing ourselves we talked about how we first became interested in genre fiction, and when we first started writing. We discussed the authors who have [...]

Come to the Party!

On April 1st 2019, we'll be relaunching The Great Western Woods Worldbuilding Podcast, and you're invited to the party! Worldbuilding from scratch for writers, gamers, and anyone interested in creating their own fictional world. Bitesize episodes to create a full and immersive world, or to improve and up-level your existing world. Listen on your favourite [...]