5 Tips for Building your Author Platform

Your author platform is your presence in the world, both online and in real life. It’s everywhere people can find out about you, and your books.

Your platform is your website, your social media profiles, your mailing list, your blog, your books on Amazon, Kobo, iTunes etc. It’s your presence at signings, readings, conventions. It’s every time someone asks what you do, and you say “I’m a writer.”

Tip 1: It’s never too early to start building your platform, even if you’re still writing your first ever book.

Imagine having a team of beta readers ready and waiting. Imagine getting feedback on the ending, the cover, the blurb. Imagine the day you release it. Imagine already having people ready to read it, to review it, to buy it. Imagine already having your tribe around you. That’s what your author platform is for.

And so, you see, it’s never too early to start.

Tip 2: You don’t need to be on every social network.

Being consistent, showing up on time, and replying to comments is far more important than being everywhere.

Everyone knows that social media can be a massive time-suck, especially if you’re easily distracted. One minute, you’re marketing your next book, the next you’re reading about one weird tip to lose belly fat.

So, pick just a few networks, and get really good on them. Think about where your ideal reader would hang out. Are they male, female? What age are they? Be there, talk about common interests, engage with them.

Tip 3: Show your personality.

When people buy your books, they are buying into you as a person. Long gone are the days when authors were unreachable; nothing more than a short bio and author photo. So, be present. Be human. Be the person behind your books.

But think about the kind of image you want to portray. Think about the topics you want to avoid, and the things you want to shout about.

And it’s not pretence. It’s not lying. It’s not misleading people. We’re all different depending on who we’re with: our friends, our parents, our boss. This is just moulding who you are as an author.

Tip 4: Relate to your readers.

Go back to your image of your ideal reader. What are they interested in? What do they want to read about, or see pictures of?

You work hard on making your characters someone that your readers can relate to, someone they can imagine being, or being best friends with. As an author, you should strive to be just as relateable.

Chances are, you’re very similar to your ideal reader already. What movies do you like? What TV shows? What are you reading right now? Do you have pets? A coffee addiction? A beautiful garden? An extensive collection of purple hats? Some of your readers will too. So, talk about these things, and engage with your readers over all the things you have in common.

Tip 5: Protect your privacy.

When you put something online, it may well be there forever, even if you delete it. Think about this, and do what you need to keep yourself, and your loved ones, safe online.

Set boundaries, and stick to them.

You might decide not to post photos of your children, or of where you live, or where you hang out regularly. Do what you need to feel safe online, and don’t let anyone else move those boundaries.

Let us know in the comments what your favourite social network sites are, or if there’s anything you struggle with when building your platform.

This post is part of the Insecure Writer’s Support Group blog hop. You can visit all the participating blogs, or sign up yourself, HERE.

5 thoughts on “5 Tips for Building your Author Platform

  1. I’m still working on my first book, so it’s good to know that I should be working on my platform already. Thanks for the advice. I’m glad you’re part of the IWSG!


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