The Importance of Finding Your Tribe

My writing career didn't begin in indie publishing. I started out with horror short stories, published in anthologies put together by small presses. Self-publishing was still in its infancy at the time. In fact, when I pitched the idea of it to my then writing group, they all laughed at me. It was still synonymous [...]

Episode 2.10: A Halloween Reading: The Black Rope by Angeline Trevena

In a break from our usual schedule, we're bringing you something totally different. Listen to Angeline perform her gothic horror poem, The Black Rope. A Halloween treat! Listen on your favourite platform HERE. Music credit:Rogue One by Serge Narcissoff | promoted by Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported

Episode 2.8: Using Dialogue to Reveal Character and Advance the Plot

Angeline explains how to get your dialogue working hard for you and your story. She shares her top tips for writing believable and useful dialogue. And then, she tackles those pesky speech tags, and those even peskier adverbs. Listen on your favourite platform HERE. Resources The Emotion Thesaurus Music credit:Rogue One by Serge Narcissoff | [...]

Episode 2.5: The Importance of Ongoing Learning

Happy International Podcast Day! We're celebrating with an episode about all the great things we've learnt, and a tribute to all the great podcasts we listen to. Hear about how the lessons we've learnt via podcasts, online courses, and from our peers have transformed our mindsets, our writing, and our businesses. Angeline reveals her big [...]

Episode 2.4: Building Your Author Platform

Today it's time for Angeline's first solo episode, and I'm talking about building your author platform. It's not just a simple case of getting yourself online, and I discuss all the issues around tackling imposter syndrome, and mindset, as well as delving into what you should be doing to build your platform. Hear about how [...]

Episode 2.3: Worldbuilding Education, Training, and Mentoring

In today's episode, we're going back to school, and talking about building education and learning into your world. We discuss the different things you need to think about; from how education fits into your wider world, to the different kinds of education you could include. We chat about tropes, and the problems that can arise, [...]