Episode 1.3: Origin Stories

In this episode, we discuss all things ideas; where they come from; where we keep them; how they become stories and worlds. We share our suggestions for those first steps into a new world, how not to get lost in worldbuilding before you even start writing and some of the resources we use. Resource List [...]


Episode 1.2: Camp NaNoWriMo Survival Tips

Today we talked about how to survive Camp NaNoWriMo. Despite Camp being half way through as this episode airs, we hope this will be useful to anyone participating this time, or during the next Camp event in July. For those who aren't aware, Camp NaNoWriMo is the little cousin of National Novel Writing Month, in [...]

Getting to Know You: H.B. Lyne

I’m Holly Lyne, but I write as H.B. Lyne. I write dark, urban fantasy and I’ve been an indie author for just over 5 years. I’m a cat-loving Ravenclaw, bullet journal enthusiast and total geek. I’m obsessed with fantasy, sci-fi and superheroes, throw in a hefty dose of horror to round out the geekery. I [...]